Dress yourself up-rock with JASM

Originals we love!


If we had to describe our brand
in two words, these would be AESTHETIC ROCK.

Jasm was initially created just
to explore, and to evolve our instinct of dressing up.

We just wanted to have fun and
play with different styles, fabrics, and attitudes…

Well, it came out that our desire
to play around with our inspirations, created a collection that people loved.

JASM RAW with an adventurous
touch on joggers, hoodies, sweatshirts for both Men and Women, and JASM HANGING
with a sexy approach on dresses, skirts, tops, cover-ups, are transforming
our lives in a rock attitude.

Dress yourself up-rock with JASM.

Originals we love!

Born from Jasmine (the plant

Flowers are
typically white.

The fruits of
jasmines are berries that turn black when ripe.

How diversified that is! Black berries from white flowers!

How diversified can you be?

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