Signed by gf

The Whites were founded in 2011 by George Filtsos.

Focusing on emerging brands that we love to introduce, nevertheless on luxury brands as well, we
mix fashion trends in a high aesthetic mode.

The Whites are instinct boutiques. We live by our instinct, and we share our instinct through the

Fashion is not a commercial activity. It is an instinct. Styling is not a mix and match procedure. It
is an instinct. It is White.

Hi-end brands, or any brands are just commercial signatures
when instinct is missing.

Basic colors or edgy colors are paint colors. Instinct colors are White colors.

«The day I want to remember all about myself, I shall open the wardrobe and go through my
clothes like a photo album»,
Ernest Hemingway.

Make your own album count!

Fashion is a niched art. Others feel art, others are treated by art, others are manipulated by art, and
others love the White art. No strings attached.

The Whites embrace fashion and styling from all over the world, as pure or provocative it may

Whitedreams are our creation, stylish fashion is our honorable guest and it is always held in the
highest esteem.

In White we trust

“..a white t-shirt -hand destroyed by me-, was my 2nd skin in high-school.
Some 30 years later, still in White I trust!”